Flower bulbs wholesale

We are a in 1954 founded Dutch flowerbulb company specialised in flower bulbs and seeds.
Our company is located in a hypermodern facility in Venhuizen – The Netherlands.
It was newly rebuild in 2009 and now staisfies and exceeds all the demands of the of modern wholesale industry.

We deliver to all sorts of clients (mostly large) like:

– Drugstores
– Gardencenters
– Supermarkets

But also to smaller shops and clients.

Flower bulbs assortment

Our assortment contains all kinds of wonderful flower bulbs.
Lilys, dahlias, amaryllis, gladiolus, daffodils, callas, hyacinths, crocus, tulips, and many rare sorts.

Seeds assortment

Our seeds assortment contains: flower seeds, herb seeds, fruit seeds and vegetable seeds.
All our seeds are from great quality just like our flower bulbs.


Because of our excellent facilities, our highly efficient organisation and the dedication of our employees we can and offer you the absloute lowest prices on the market possible.
It’s impossible to find them any cheaper!

Contact us for all your questions with the information below:

Westerkerkweg 115
The Netherlands


Tel: +31-(0)228-54 2222
Fax: +31-(0)228-54 3030

Flower bulbs wholesale