Assortment of flower bulbs:

Our assortment of flower bulbs contains:
Gladiolus, amaryllis, dahlias, lilys, tulips, hyacinths, crocus, daffodils, callas and many other bulbs.

Starting at only $1.25/€0.95. It is impossible to find them any cheaper!
Also they are from excellent quality!

Assortment of seeds

Our assortment of seeds contains:

Vegetable seeds: beets, asparagus, eggplants and many more.
Flower seeds: cosmos, columbine, mexican sigar plant and many more.
Fruit seeds: watermelon and strawberry.
Herb seeds: anise, celery, garlic and many more.

Our seeds are starting from the incredibly low price of only $1.25/€0.95!

The assortment of garden tools

Our garden tools assortment contains all kinds of garden tools for low prices.
Many premium and budget brands. Including the well known bulbplanter tool to plant bulbs easy and quick.

We guarantee a fast delivery and a safe payment!

Visit our webshop and take a look at our flower bulbs, seeds and garden tools assortment:


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